Health disparities are plaguing our world.  They are unavoidable whenever there is not complete and total equality in a region, which is almost impossible to attain.  The Health Resources and Services Administration defines health disparities as “population-specific differences in the presence of disease, health outcomes, or access to health care.” Differences in health can occur with economic hardship or wealth, the degree of separation between people and health care, and isolation from a advancing globalized world.  This problem is of concern because many people are losing life and health when many health disparity problems are fixable.  Eliminating health disparities should be of utmost importance in every country, and needs to be addressed immediately in order to better the world.  My goal in creating this blog is to inform people about their world so they can recognize the existence of health disparities and find a way to help in their area or areas across the world.


2 responses

8 02 2010

Very nice site. Great Job.

12 02 2010

Thanks, I think that people need to know about the world.

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