Cancer Infecting Europe

31 03 2010

The Bristol-Meyers Squibb Foundation has found that cancer is the second most common cause of death in Europe. Health disparities exist in the incidence and mortality rates for all cancers within Europe, with better survival rates for every type of cancer in Western Europe.

The assumed reason for this disparity is because Eastern Europe has inadequate health prevention measures, including delay in early diagnosis and use of innovative treatments and lack of quality care, may account for differences in survival. In addition, public education and awareness campaigns around cancer and its prevention are fragmented or relatively rare.

There is also a higher use of tobacco and alcohol in the east along with worse dietary habits, pollution, hepatitis B, as well as inadequate screening, diagnosis and treatment.

In Europe’s case I feel that the political geography is very different between the West and the more communist East are so very different, which worsens the disparities.




7 responses

1 04 2010

That is so true because there is such a difference between Western and Eastern Europe, in regards to health. In Western Europe they are very successful with their public health campaigns, and with the information you present here, it seems that not much is being to in Eastern Europe.

2 04 2010

Communism is a killer. It’s easy to understand why cancer is more prevalent in Eastern Europe than in Western–but the situation is still one that would be difficult to change, which is unfortunate.

2 04 2010

we learned in my class that since we are pushing smoking out of our country, the tobacco companies are just taking their buisness overseas and pushing the market heavily over there. without so many resources as we have, what can we do to stop these tobacco companies from just going into other places over and over again?

5 04 2010

I’ve heard that in European countries, children as young as 5 are smokers. It’s so sad that this is happening!

8 04 2010

I feel like the attitude toward smoking in the United States has shifted to seeing it as a nasty habit- this paradigm shift needs to catch on worldwide!

8 04 2010

i went to austria on a study abroad and literally everyone was smoking. you can buy cigarettes from vending machines… i even saw pregnant women smoking. it was very sad.

9 04 2010

It seems like in the US we have changed social norms so that it is becoming less and less socially acceptable to smoke. I wonder how that could be done in Europe.

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