Miracles in Africa

27 03 2010

Miracles in Africa is a program of LDS Charities as a part of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS).  This program deals with villagers in small African tribal communities working with Latter-day Saint Charities to improve their health and quality of life.

One of the wells in Sierra Leone

In central Sierra Leone, there is a village named Bo that LDS Charities are focusing their efforts toward.  In this village there are more than 130,000 people and there are no paved roads, no electricity, and no water systems.  Because of their lack of resources, about 50 people walk miles to a river or the next village every day for water.

LDS Charities has come to Bo in order to build a well in their village.  Before they build they form a “water committee” with in the village and train them in maintenance and how to keep the water clean and safe for the community.  Each committee member must go through training classes and Matthew Heaps, the clean water initiative manager for Humanitarian Services explains why this training is so important by explaining that, “ This training allows families to discover the importance of hygiene, how to keep their hands clean, and how to properly care for water once it has been obtained from the well. Our goal in each community is for them to feel complete ownership so they will maintain the well and take responsibility for their health.”

I feel that this program is so completely efficient because of how thoroughly it is planned through.  They do not just build them a well and leave.  They train the people of weeks before construction even begins so that the people are able to maintain the well on their own and take responsibility for their own health.




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27 03 2010

This is really cool. Every once in a while, during a water wasting moment, I feel awful and realize how many people are suffering because they lack clean water. This is such a great thing the Church is doing to really fix the problem.

28 03 2010

This is a very interesting project. It is amazing how a well planned service project can be so successful in countries that are struggling.

3 04 2010

The Church is so great. It’s awesome to see them involved in programs like this because they have the means to create and put into effect relevant and effective interventions that help so many people.

3 04 2010

I agree with your view. The church does a wonderful job in teaching and educating people. It would be quite an experience to participate in something like that.

3 04 2010

Thank you for posting this and also the link to LDS Charities. I have been thinking about going to Africa next semester and the experience would be so much more amazing if I could do it with the Church. Great post and the church really is amazing.

6 04 2010

I am so thankful to be part of a church that is dedicated to serving all people around the world. I love that the programs that are implemented are very practical. They are presented to promote change. I know that God is no respector of people and neither is the church. I wonder what results this program has seen.

9 04 2010

Sometimes it’s discouraging to hear how much suffering there is. It is wonderful to hear of the success in alleviating some of this. Thanks for posting!

9 04 2010

This entire program is so great. It shows the importance of thoroughly implimenting an intervention. Not just giving people a well and saying, “Now you can have clean water!” I’m so glad they educated the people and instilled a sense of pride and ownership so that the effects of the well will last forever.

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