Education in Africa

12 02 2010

These children are orphans because their parents were killed by the AIDS epidemic in Southern Africa

Health People 2010 states that a lack of education is one of the major reasons for health disparities. Disease occurs when people do not know how to prevent or treat a disease.  Health disparities researcher Dr. Dana Goldman says, “Better-educated people are healthier, but the magnitude of the relationship between health and education varies substantially across groups and over time.”  There needs to be a closing of the gap in health knowledge.  In fact, CHAPS is an organization who is trying to bridge the gap because they have a goal to promote health and to eliminate health disparities at a global scale.

Southern Africa is an excellent example of a health disparity due to education problems.  Because of the lack of education in Sothern Africa, their occurrence of AIDS is astronomical.  In 2008 there were an estimated 22.4 million adults and children in Sub-Sahara and Africa living with HIV compared to the 1 million in the United States.  Also, 1.4 million of those African people died from AIDS in that same year.   The African people are not aware that many of them have AIDS and do not know how to prevent contracting the disease.  Because of this lack of education some businesses in Southern Africa are now providing worksite AIDS/HIV education classes while providing free testing and counseling for their employees.




One response

25 03 2010

I definitely agree. Education can make a huge difference in health disparities, especially when young children are taught basic health knowledge.

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