Help For Amputee’s in Haiti

19 01 2010

For a long time Haiti has been faced with many health disparities since they have had such an unstable economy.  Over 80% of their population live in poverty and almost half of their government’s entire budget comes from foreign aid.  They do not have the money to have proper health care or the means for every Haitian to have access to that health care.  Many Haitians live in slums which are heavily populated where diseases can spread very quickly.

Since the recent earthquake in January, 2010 there have been various countries providing aid to Haiti because of the vast amount of devastation.  A group called Global Relief Technologies (GRT) was featured in a Fox News story about how GRT has sent a crew to Haiti to help the growing amputee population.  They are collecting data and sending it via PDA to their offices in New Hampshire where they create prosthetic limbs to properly fit each individual for each person that they receive information for.  The data being collected includes the person’s name, age, date of amputation, type of amputation, location, and a picture of the injury.  The patient in turn receives a bracelet with a barcode that identifies the person.  This identification bracelet will make the process of distributing the prosthetics much more efficient.  I think that this is a really wonderful idea to help the Haitians and it appears to be really organized.  I just hope that they have a plan in order to help the people who receive these prosthetics with physical therapy or at least train them a little bit on how to use a prosthetic limb.

These are the researchers using their PDA in order to send information back to the United States